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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finland Student Visa Information for bangladeshi

All of us are anxious about the cost to come in Finland. But you will be glade to know that total cost to come in Finland not more than 2 lac Bangladeshi Taka. Here I am describing the cost:

1. Application no cost
2. Sending documents 2000/=
3. Entrance Exam registration 4000/=
4. Health Insurance 30,000/=
5. Visa application fee 10,000/=
5. India trip for submitting visa application 10,000/=
7. India trip for collecting visa stamp 10,000/=
8. plane fare to come Finland 65,000/=

Bangladeshi student in finland


There is a forum for Bangladeshi here in Helsinki. The forum is meant for all Bangladeshi students and professional living in Finland.
In case if you need to study in Finland and for other information you could visit the site. There are other information as well.

url: http://www.sabaas.org/ 

Finland Embassy/Consulate for Bangladesh:

Contact Information: Honorary Consulate General of Finland, Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Honorary Consul Mr. Waliur Rahman Bhuiyan (OBE)

Honorary Consulate General of Finland
Baridhara Central Plaza (1st Floor)
87, Suhrawardi Avenue, Block K, Baridhara
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Tel. +88 01819210089
E-mail: finconsbd@gmail.com
Web: www.finland.org.in
Working days and office hours: Sunday - Thursday 9.00-17.00


Embassy of Finland 
E-3, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110021

Office timing (Monday-Friday): 10:00-12:00 hours
Telephone: +91-11-5149 7500
Fax: +91-11-5149 7555
E-mail: sanomat.nde@formin.fi

Web: http://www.finland.org.in/

The Following Documents are Required:
1. Visa application form carefully completed, dated and signed by the applicant 
2. One recent photo in colour, 36x47 mm, light background, not attached to the application
3. Passport, which is valid at least three months end of the visit and a copy of it
4. Letter of acceptance from the university in Finland where the applicant has been accepted
5. All educational documents, including marks sheets (SSC, HSC, Bachelor's, Master's or other post- secondary, college, vocational or university diploma, certificate or degree).
6. If needed, Documents of your professional qualification
7. Documents of your IELTS/Other Language Proficiency Test
8. Proof of sufficient funds (such as a copy of a recent bank statement)
9. Statement of students account (scholarship, secure income) 

10. Applicant must make a bank deposit of EUR 6,000.00 in his/her name and it must be renewed every academic year. The applicant does not need to make the deposit if he/she is taking part in an exchange program between a Finnish university and a foreign university and his/her studies are being funded in some other manner trough the programme

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

permanent resident in dubai


yes you can obtain, kindly start searching for a hot emarati lady to get married and you will get a visa as well as citizenship absolutely free free free.

You cant really become a permanent resident in Dubai that easily. You first have to get ur work or student visa then go step by step it will take years. There is no citizen ship unless ur a local(emarati) / married to a local(emarati) / if ur local(emarati).

Your residence visa will be for 2 years if working fo the private sector and for 3 years if working for the public sector, Residence visas are renewable as long asyou keep a job.

To become a "permanent" resident you would have lived in the UAE for years and have an honrorable sponsor who may apply for the same on your behalf.

Your chances to gain citizenship are close to nil unless you are a woman married to a local.

@TT: to own a business doesn't mean permanent residence. Talk to Iranian business owners who didn't get their visas renewed for political reasons.

@ SAS: An employer might reward a loyal worker who has made a major contribution to the company over many years by providing him with a work and residence permit of indefinite duration. After his retirement, however, the employer would have to be a figure of considerable influence to maintain this gift and satisfy the labour authorities. In this case, the employee wouldn’t be a citizen, but be allowed to remain in the country indefinitely.

If i purchasea house in Dubai, will i get permanent visa for dubai?

Its a little complicated, some property does give u that right, some doesnt, many new buildings being built, the sheikhs that are selling property are arranging PR for the purchaser too. So it seems possible but you do need to do your research. Make sure u ask this question clearly, before signing the dotted line. Answer is "YES & NO, depending upon few factors". But keep in mind, that most property give u residence (that of course includes work without permit allowed) visa for 3 years (renewable). After six years stay on that visa u automatically are entitled for Permanent residence.

If u havent been to UAE (Dubai) then UAE is most advanced arab country, it is of course a muslim country, but dont worry much, its not like KSA or Kuwait, the example given above comes from KSA (they are different creed) not from UAE. I have been to UAE several times myself & know how things go there.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Requierments for student visa to malta

Passport, bank statement and they will security check you. It a very easy and quick process, oh and money
You need to contact the

Application for student visas

When applying for a student visa, you should provide all the necessary information and documents as the Maltese Embassy will not consider half complete applications. The following list provides you with all the necessary documentation that you will need:
Your completed application form
Your up-to-date and valid passport/travel document .
Two identical colour passport photos that must be from the last six months and adhere to the Embassy’s photographic requirements.
Student Status Letter from your university faculty.
Proof of travel insurance to cover the duration of your visit. The insurance company will provide you with a certificate to include in your application
Proof of travel plans (flight, ferry or train bookings). The Maltese Embassy insists that you must have pre-booked your travel before you apply for your visa.
Proof of accommodation
Proof of financial means . You should have approximately €30 per day available. Bank statements, wage slips from the last 3 months or travellers cheques with the relevant amounts are necessary to prove you meet the financial requirements.
Schengen visas require an application fee . This charge can vary, so it is best to check with the Maltese Embassy to confirm the actual amount and the method of payment. This can be done through the Embassy website.
A self addressed special delivery envelope to allow the Embassy to post back your passport/documents when a decision has been made.
Photocopies of all the documents provided (you need to send both originals and photocopies)

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
Palazzo Parisio
Merchants Street
Valletta VLT 1171

Tel: ++356 2124 2191
Fax: ++356 2123 5032

See also: http://www.foreign.gov.mt/

Friday, December 16, 2011

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Bangladesh

Vietnam Visa requirements for Bangladesh citizens are very different from that for other citizens.

Bangladesh citizen wishing to enter Vietnam should prepare:

- Applicants’ passport with 6 month valid and have two blank page at least for sealing and stamping Vietnam Visa

- Two passport-sized photos

- A Vietnam Visa approval letter obtained online through legitimated organizations such as E Vietnam Visa

The requirements of getting Vietnam Visa Approval letter for Bangladesh citizens:

- Access the Vietnam Visa application page and download the visa on arrival form (This is the compulsory option for Bahrain citizen, and Vietnam Embassy in Bahrain is not to accept Vietnam Visa application by ordinary Bahrain passport holders)

- Complete the Vietnam Visa application at http://evietnamvisa.com/apply.htmlt with exact information in Bahrain applicants

- Proceed payment for Vietnam Visa approval letter fee,

3 working days after your payment confirmation, your own Vietnam Visa approval letter will be issued and sent to you

Now you can print Vietnam Visa approval letter to travel by plane and stamp Vietnam Visa on arrival Vietnam airport.


- Only air travelers are approved to get Vietnam Visa on arrival

- When stamping visa, a stamping fee of USD 25 is charged by Vietnam immigration Department

- Bangladesh citizens can be granted a Vietnam Visa of 21 day valid at the maximum

thailand visa for bangladeshi

How to extend Thai Visa?

No such thing as a 3 month tourist visa. You better check again what type of visa you got, because a Bangladeshi citizen can only get a tourist visa good for 30 days.

That being said. Yes you can extend a tourist visa at any immigration office here in Thailand. This is what you need:

You will need your passport with a photo copy of all pages.
Two 4 cm x 6 cm passport photos
Fill out form Tm 7 Here is one you can download http://www.immigration.go.th/nov2004/dow…

If you need to extend an entry by another 30 days, its pretty easy at least if you are based in Bangkok.
Take the BTS to Mo Chit and get a taxi to the Government Building (another respondent here provided a link). If you go at an offpeak time you will be done in 30 mins to an hour.
If you do a visa run across land and come straight back (i.e. without getting another visa) this will only give you an extra 15 days as far as I am aware.
if say you go to a neighboring country (like Cambodia) you will get a longer extension but my advice to you is
Get a multiple entry visa in your homeland if possible.
Thais do not seem to have a 3 months in 6 rule as is the case in certain 'developed' countries, i.e. you can come and go as you please on a Thai tourist visa.
At the airport you have to play the game and look respectable.
lived in BKK a long time, frequent traveler in and out of BKK

thailand visa fee for bangladeshi

Transit Visa (30 days) — 800 baht - 2000 taka
Tourist Visa (30/60 days) — 1000 baht - 2500 taka per entry
Non-Immigrant Visa (90 days) single entry — 2000 baht - 5000 taka
Non-Immigrant Visa multiple entry — 5000 baht - 12500 taka

An additional service fee of 400 taka (in cash) will be levied.
A bank draft fee of 40 taka needs to be paid.

Bangladeshi Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand
727 Sukhumvit Soi 55 (Thonglor)
Bangkok 10110
City: Bangkok
Phone: (+66) 2392-9437 - 8
Fax: +66) 2391-8070
Email: bdoot@samart.co.th
Office Hours: 08.30 - 12.30 and 13.30 - 16.30 Visa: 9.00-12.30

Bangladeshi Consulate in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Consulate General of Bangladesh in Chiang Mai, Thailand
95 Huay Kaew Road
T. Suthep, A.Muang
Chiang Mai 50200
City: Chiang Mai
Phone: (+66) 53 212373 - 4
Fax: (+66) 53 223524
Office Hours: 13.00-16.00 hrs


Monday, December 12, 2011

Requirements for Free Study Permit in Norway

Requirements for Study Permit in Norway:
1. Student visa application form
2. Two Residence Permit forms duly filled in with two passport size photographs and photocopy of the passport attached.
3. A letter of admission or invitation from an educational institution in Norway.
4. Confirmation of payment of School fees (copy of payment receipt/pay order)
5. Sponsoring letter, including the sponsor?s Bank Statement/ Proof of financial support/scholarship during the study in Norway
6. Personal income/bank statement (if applicable)
6. Documentation of accommodation in Norway
7. Original/certified birth certificate
8. Original/certified marriage certificate (if applicable)
9. Travel Itinerary (do not purchase ticket until you receive information to the effect that permit will be granted)


1.00 NOK = 13.5616 BDT

Norwegian Identity Number

Every individual residing in Norway has an 11-digit personal identity number. Foreign nationals must apply for this identity number within a week after their arrival when they intend to stay for more than 6 months in Norway. They can apply for a D-number when they intend to stay in Norway for less than 6 months. This is a special number designed for a person who is not entitled to a Norwegian ID-number.

The individual identity number is issued by the National Population Registry at the local tax assessment office or the office of the National Population Registry. The individual identity number is required to open a Norwegian bank account, which is necessary for NTNU to pay wages.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dhaka
Office hours: 08:30 - 16:00 Sunday to Thursday
House 9, Road 111

Embassy of Sweden
House 1, Road 51
Gulshan 2, Dhaka
Telephone: 8833148-49
Opening hours:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 09.00–13.00

The process of admission to Norway

The process of admission to Norway is simple;

1-Go to studyinnorway . no to search for Bachelor/Master programmes taught in English and their institutes.
2-Read the requirements of the programmes you are interested in.
3- Apply in at least 8 Programmes since the admission is getting more competitive every year now. Send application by regular  DHL, Fedex, TCS etc.
4- If you get the admission then transfer the required money in your University's bank account.
5-Apply for visa in Norwegian Embassy in Norway with the admission letter, your degrees , English translated Birth certificate, confirmation from your university that you have transferred the money, and your passport.
6-Come to Norway and take all of your money back and spend it as you like.

International students are not Nordic EU / EEA countries